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Welcome to Wealthkhoj

Wealthkhoj is your Personal Financial Advisor. Our goal is to make ‘Wealthkhoj’ – your home for all financial needs – be it tax savings strategy or the right insurance advice, tracking your goals of buying your dream house or going for that dream vacation, be it building a corpus or retirement planning, Wealthkhoj provides all these customized based on your risk profile leveraging upon behavioral economics & data analytics. Our promise is simple – No complicated jargon, no confusing documentation, No high fees , just simple effortless investing.

How it Works?

Investment methodology based on proven principles

Asset Allocation

Depending on your investment horizon and risk appetite, we help allocate money in right proportion across debt and equity

Mutual Fund Selection

We analyse returns, volatility (for risk) and correlation (for diversification) to choose a combination of mutual funds that provide you the best returns while protecting your capital

Active Rebalancing

We help maintain optimum asset allocation throughout the life of your investment. Disciplined rebalancing helps reduce volatility and improve returns

Fund Review

Our in-house research team conducts periodic performance review of each portfolio. Basis review, changes are made in constituent funds or allocation model to help you stay on-track

Better returns over Traditional savings

Better solutions for all your Investing & wealth management needs

Long term savings
Tax saving
Near term goals
Emergency fund

Fixed Deposit 8 - 10%

Rs 4.7L 5 years

8 - 10%

5 years



Wealthkhoj - Long term portfolio 18 - 20%

Rs 6.3L

18 - 20%

Rs 4.7L 5 years

5 years
Rs. 10000 invested for years
Invest now Invest now

Expect more from your money. Let WealthKhoj invest it for you

In life making these desicions on your investments, insurance or expenses are scary and yet, unavoidable. This is where we come in to equip you to take the best possible financial decision considering all the trade-offs ; So that YOU can LIVE the LIFE you have ALWAYS WANTED.

Be a Smart Investor

Invest in data-driven and actively managed mutual fund portfolios. Setup personal goals and let Wealthkhoj help you get there on time.

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