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You should save an amount of Rs. /- monthly to achieve a target of Rs. 1,00,00,000 /- over 20 years .

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Your monthly savings of Rs. 8,000 is expected to grow to Rs. /- over 20 years .

What is SIP Calculator & How does it Work

In order to be a successful investor, it is of paramount importance that investments be made in a systematic manner and this is where the SIP calculator provided by can play a key role. Using a SIP calculator a prospective investor can gauge the estimated earnings at the end of a specific tenure for a specific amount that is invested periodically (usually monthly). Alternately, if the investor has a fixed goal in mind such as a corpus for retirement or an emergency fund for unexpected medical expenses, using a SIP Calculator helps ensure that the investor can figure out how large a monthly investment can provide the required corpus.        

Steps to Use SIP Calculator to calculate returns on SIP Investment

The SIP calculator uses some key data such to calculate the final value of your investment. Following are the key steps that need to be followed when using the SIP mutual fund calculator.


Step 1. Input the monthly amount you are comfortable investing or doing an SIP. In case of mutual fund schemes, the minimum SIP amount allowed is Rs. 500 though many schemes require a minimum of Rs. 1000 to be invested every month.


Step 2. Estimate the rate of return on your investment. This is definitely not an exact science; however, based on the track record of the fund, you can determine a probable rate of return and input that into the SIP calculator.


Step 3. The third variable that is required in case of the SIP maturity calculator is the investment tenure. This refers to the amount of time you want to continue investing. In most cases, SIP schemes have a minimum tenure of 6 months however some may require a longer minimum tenure of 12 months.


Based on the above criteria the SIP calculator for mutual fund provides a final value of your investment at the end of the tenure chosen by you. As the tool is free to use, investors can easily change any of the variables to estimate the different returns that they could receive in lieu of their investment. Currently, these calculators do not take into account either the capital gains tax you may incur or the probable inflation. Hence going forward, the next big step might well be the introduction of a sip calculator inflation option along with the plain vanilla offering.


What is a SIP & How to invest?

SIP is the acronym for systematic investment plan and using a SIP scheme, investors can potentially invest large amounts of money without straining their monthly finances. The typical SIP scheme features a fixed amount being invested at regular intervals (usually monthly) over a pre-determined period of time (a few months or more). This fixed amount can be as low as Rs. 500, while the SIP tenure can be as short as 6 months and go on to for years. Using the SIP return calculator, an investor can easily calculate the projected earnings of each specific SIP.


In many ways, SIP is similar to a recurring deposit for mutual funds with fund houses as well as brokers promoting this type of investment strategy to help customers grow their money. The evidence of how much your investment would be worth down the line is illustrated by using the SIP investment calculator. However, unlike a recurring deposit that provides a fixed rate of return during the deposit tenure, in case of SIP, the returns tend to vary depending on a range of market factors.          


Benefits of Investing in Mutual funds Through SIP

By investing in mutual funds through a systematic investment plan calculator, the investor can potentially receive various benefits some of which are mentioned below:

  1. There is no need to speculate and wait for markets to go down in order to get the best value for the lump sum investment. This attempt to time the mutual fund market is actually the wrong strategy and this mistake may be prevented through implementation of an SIP.
  2. As a SIP-based investment system invests the money over a period of time, the investor is unaffected by temporary market volatility. This can be evidenced by an SIP calculator which automatically averages the individual investments similar to the way it occurs in real life. This phenomenon is termed as rupee cost averaging.  
  3. The implementation of a SIP also helps people develop greater investment discipline. By inculcation of such discipline, the investor improves the determination and focus required to stay invested and make profits from investment in the mutual funds market. The smaller investment amounts in SIP are also much easier to maintain as compared to lump sum investments that need to be made otherwise.
  4. Another benefit of the longer tenure SIP investment is the ability to benefit from the power of compounding. The smaller amounts required to start and sustain an SIP enable investors to start investing in mutual funds at an early age. By starting early, individual investors tend to gain much more from the power of compounding than they would have in case they waited longer and started investing later in life.
  5. SIP investment style also allows you to automate your investments, therefore you no longer have to worry about keeping track of your investment every time. You can easily issue a bank mandate or an ECS standing instruction in order to convenient keep investing in the scheme or schemes of your choice.   


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